The solution for coke oven gas flow measurement in push-steel heating furnaces, with balanced flow meters bearing the brunt

The coke oven gas flow measurement can be measured by the V-cone flowmeter. The V-cone flowmeter is a gas flow measuring instrument with the characteristics of high temperature and high pressure resistance. In addition, in terms of measurement accuracy, it is higher than other flowmeters. It has been unanimously recognized by users in the field of gas flow measurement.

In the process of coke oven gas flow measurement, the first problem to be solved is type selection. All types of flowmeters are inseparable from the measurement medium, temperature and pressure. Only by meeting the requirements of the site can work efficiency be improved, and secondly It is a standardized manufacturer, not only for the quality of the products, but also for the follow-up maintenance.

Small knowledge of popular science

V-cone flowmeter is a flow measuring instrument, which is mainly used for flow measurement of gas and fluid. According to its own characteristics, V-cone flowmeter is more suitable for use in high temperature and high pressure measurement conditions.

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