What is the principle of waste heat boiler air preheater

air preheater.

Second, the characteristics of the air preheater

Air preheater is a kind of heat exchange equipment. There is a large heat difference between the two media to recover heat. Generally, high temperature flue gas and air are used for heat exchange as combustion air to improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler. Usually, the air preheater is one of the components of the waste heat boiler. It is generally arranged on the heating surface at the tail of the flue gas. It can solve the problems of low temperature and corrosion and fouling of the air intake. It is widely used in large-scale waste incineration plants.

3. Working principle of waste heat boiler steam air preheater

The working principle of steam air preheating is also relatively simple. The high temperature flue gas generated by incineration enters the air preheater equipment, and the cold air also enters the heat exchange equipment through the cold air duct under the action of the blower. The air flows in the opposite direction in the preheating, and after meeting, the heat exchange is carried out through the interval of the plates, so that the air is heated up.