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Mainly used for annealing, tempering and other heat treatment technical parameters of medium and small castings, welding parts, etc.

(1) Furnace cavity size: according to user needs

(2) Furnace form: gas trolley furnace

(3) Furnace capacity: according to user needs

(4) Thickness of furnace lining refractory fiber: 350mm

(5) Fuel: natural gas

(6) Fuel calorific value: 8500 Kcal /Nm3

(7) Furnace working temperature: commonly used 550 ℃, adjustable up to 950 ℃

(8) Temperature uniformity in the furnace: the temperature difference of each point in the heating zone is ≤±8-10℃ (after holding for 1 hour);

(9) Temperature control accuracy: ≤ ±2℃;

(10) Heating speed control range: 50-200℃/h adjustable (when the workpiece is fully loaded);

(11) The temperature rise of the outer wall of the furnace: at 950 °C, the furnace top is ≤45 °C, and the furnace side is ≤40 °C

(12) Temperature control area: according to the user's heat treatment process

(13) Combustion method: switching pulse combustion or regenerative combustion between large and small fires

(14) Furnace body use: stress relief annealing

(15) Temperature control method: imported intelligent instrument PID and Omron PLC semi-automatic control (also manual control)

(16) Lifting speed of furnace door: about 6m/min.

(17) Traveling speed of the trolley: 5-7m/min

(18) The maximum distance of the trolley: the trolley can completely leave the furnace cavity

(19) Energy consumption index: better than the national first-class furnace standard, unit comparable energy consumption ≤60 kg of standard coal/ton of workpiece

(20) Trolley drive mode: sprocket drive, trolley self-propelled

(21) Furnace loading method: the workpiece is hoisted on the movable trolley surface

(22) Furnace door opening and closing method: electric lift, moving speed about 4 ~ 6m/min

(23) Power supply: AC380V±10% 50Hz, ambient temperature: -5℃~+45℃, ambient relative humidity: 95%

(24) Smoke exhaust system: the exhaust port is located on the top of the furnace body, on both sides and other parts, and the height of the chimney is more than 2 meters above the roof.


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