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Desulfurization and denitrification
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The flue gas (350°C) from the flue enters the SCR denitration catalytic reactor to remove nitrogen oxides. The purified flue gas enters the air preheater system, and the pressure drop of the denitration device system is less than 800Pa (3-layer catalyst). ), the resistance pressure drop is small.

In the SCR process, the catalyst promotes the reaction between NOx and NH3 to generate N2 and H2O. Ammonia/air is mixed and injected into flue gas containing NOx for reduction reaction. The catalyst promotes the reaction, but is not consumed in the reaction. The main reactions that take place in SCR are as follows:


The availability of the denitration system is greater than 98%, the service life is about 10 years, and the overhaul period is 3 years. The design and manufacture of the denitration device and related auxiliary equipment as a whole should be able to withstand the following times of start and stop of the heating furnace.

The SCR reactor can withstand the test of operating temperature of 450℃ for not less than 5 hours without any damage.




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