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Heating furnace energy-saving black body components
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Energy saving, consumption reduction and environmental protection is a basic national policy of our country! The energy saving and consumption reduction of industrial kilns can be considered from the efficient utilization of a large amount of physical sensible heat carried by high-temperature flue gas, and on the other hand, it can also be comprehensively considered from the structural design of the kiln, the optimization of the lining material and the principle of high-temperature heat radiation.

The latest generation of energy efficient products - targeted heating elements. This component integrates appearance design, new material preparation technology and nano thermal radiation coating. The scientific and precise appearance design makes this element have the largest external radiation area and thus the largest radiation energy; the high-temperature, light-weight and high-strength microporous material prepared by nanotechnology has significant thermal insulation performance; high temperature heat-resistant nano-radiation coating Endows targeted heating elements with high emissivity even at high temperatures. Reasonable arrangement of targeted heating elements in the internal space of the kiln, through the "three-in-one" technical measures, almost all the heat can be locked in the kiln, and the chemical heat released by the combustion of the fuel can be used to the maximum extent, so as to have a significant energy saving effect, which is expected to achieve The energy saving of the kiln is 10-30%.

Schematic diagram of targeted heating transformation


Main performance indicators of targeted heating elements





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